Hands, Fingers, Feet, Toes

Hands, Fingers, Feet, Toes
Ifassen, iḍoḍan, iḍan, tifeḏnin
ⵉⴼⴰⵙⵙⴻⵏ, ⵉⴹoⴹⴰⵏ, ⵉⴹⴰⵏ, ⵜⵉⴼⴻⴸⵏⵉⵏ

Welcome to the publication of and Amazigh Children’s Book, dedicated to learning Tamazight, the fonts of Tifinigh as well as the language translated into English! We are also planning to translate Riffian Tamazight into German, Spanish and French (and possible more)!!!

For more information, please feel free to contact JoAnna Almasude at almasude@gmail.com and/or Amar Almasude at dralmasude@gmail.com.

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